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===Story=== Bara No Konrei (Bridal of Rose) is a Japanese movie starring the band Malice Mizer. The film was produced shortly before the group disbanded, and was their last full project. A silent movie with subtitles and musical backing from the band, the film is a re-telling of famous vampire stories, most noticably the tale of 'Dracula'. An educated young estate agent living in London (Klaha) is engaged to be married to a woman named Cecil(Terumi Nagayoshi). However he is called away on business to Transylvania, to oversee the purchase of an estate by the Earl of Dracula (Yu~ki), causing him to postpone the wedding. It his after his arrival at the castle that strange events start happening when the Earl becomes obsessed with Klaha's locket of Cecil. Meanwhile back in London the appearance of a strange nun (Mana), and a bitter vampire(Kozi), seems to be a sign of bad things to come. After strange dreams and sightings, Klaha realises the Earl is headed to London and begins a desperate journey home. Upon his return he finds himself drawn in to the world of evil.......... Written and acted by band members Klaha, Yu~Ki, Kozi and Mana, the film falls somewhere between a Gothic Horror and an extended music video. Filmed using lavish period costume and sets,special effects, and supported by the bands dramatic music and vocals, alot is invested into the asthetic and Audio quality of the movie. The 80 minute film features both Japanese and English subtitles and the (import) Dvd features the movie and music videos. Along side the film, a cd/dvd was released of the films theme song "Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku", the music video being a montage of film clips. ===DVD Features=== Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku-The theme tune of the film and its music video. The video is a selection of clips and ideas from the movie, an accompaniment that acted as somewhat of a 'teaser' for the movie's release in Japan. Although the song only featured on the credits of the movie it was the official accompanying song, hence the full Japanese title 'Bara No Konrei ~Mayonaka Ni Kawashita Yakusoku~. The Video was also released on a separate CD/DVD. The making of Bara No Konrei-Features on some versions of the DVD. A 5 minute look behind the scenes of the movie, including showing the mechanics some of the special effects and what the band got up to behind the scenes. Despite having no words and being backed only by music, it gives an insight into the process of the films production, characters and the band members themselves.
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