: : : Bar Starz
===Story=== Barry (Derek Waters) has been feeling a little down in the dumps since breaking up with his girlfriend and moving away to college, but at least he has his best friend Douglas (Charlie Finn) to help keep him motivated � i.e. motivated to meet girls and become the big party man on campus. When the ultra-hip clique Bar Stars is looking for a new intern, Douglas immediately signs Barry up to try out for the job. If Barry can beat out his fellow wannabe competitors, not only will he become a hard partying superstar, but he'll land the new girl of his dreams, Ryann (Jana Kramer).


Derek WatersBarry
Charlie FinnDouglas
Jana KramerRyann
Jon GriesRicky Fabulous
Charles Q. MurphyClay the Doorman/Arnie
Jon BernthalDonnie Pitron
Sam HorriganBrad Thunder
Jayma MaysTiffany
Nikki GriffinPennie
Affion CrockettTJ Fykus
Eric LadinCory Lemuixk
Daniel FranzeseBig Mikey
Ben GleibUssef
Elena SatineStarlet
Thomas HobsonPhillip
Jelynn SophiaMelanie
Keir O'DonnellDick

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