: : : Baptists at Our Barbecue
===Story=== In the small town of Longwinded, USA, a continuous feud is happening between the 262 Baptists and the 262 Mormons. Tartan, a resident of Longwinded and a single Mormon, tries to end all the ridiculous fighting and to win the peace-loving girl, Charity from leaving town. Tartan invites the Baptists to an "All Faiths" barbecue in an effort to ease the feud, and chaos erupts.


Steve AndersonClark Bender
Heather BeersCharity
Wayne BrennanBrother Stolt
Katherine BrimTV Reporter
Bonnie BurtSister Hatch
Michael Anthony ChristianOrvil
Bernie M. DiamondFern
Patrick Eugene DonahueHeber
Jake Patrick EvansLittle Lehi
Jan Broberg FeltTartan's Mom
John FossHoward
Alex GerrishAlex Hatch
Frank GerrishConroy Hatch
Deborah E. GravesMrs. Holden
Charles HalfordRich Paddlefin
Tony LarimerPastor Stevens
Ryan A. LucasWillie
Dan MerkleyTartan Jones
Micaela NelliganWynona Wingate
Diane RaneBronwyn Smith
Oscar RowlandEarl
Rosemberg SalgadoMr. Holden
Duane StephensBob
Crystal StoneLoni

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