: : : Bamboo Blade - Part 2
===Story=== It's been a rough ride so far for the bamboo blade girls, but things are still rolling on. Facing problems like a hopeless teacher on the verge of losing his job, a suspension within the team and Tamaki facing the possibility of a defeat, the team struggles to cope. With everything happening, the girls find that they must band together and support each other, and even the teacher Toraji must gather all he has to support them to overcome these obstacles and show them at even defeat has its meaning. ===DVD Features=== * Textless Songs * Trailers


Brina PalenciaSayako Kuwahara
Carrie SavageSatori Azuma
Cherami LeighTamaki Kawazoe
Ian SinclairToraji Ishida
Leah ClarkMiyako Miyazaki
Luci ChristianKirino Chiba
Caitlin GlassRin Suzuki
Chris BurnettYuuji Nakata
Christopher R. SabatKenzaburo Ishibashi
Jamie MarchiCarrie Nishikawa
Monica RialReimi Odajima

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