: : : Bamboo Blade - Part 1
===Story=== Tamaki is nothing if not a major animem addict and tearing her away from the television for anything requiring too much effort would be a great task indeed. However, when her lightning fast reflexes catch the attention of the school's kendo instructor Toraji it seems her peaceful life in front of the TV is finished. Although Toraji is hardly what anyone would call a great teacher he sees Tamaki as his big chance to produce a squad of fearsome bamboo blade fighters to establish his own success. ===DVD Features=== * Textless Songs * Trailers


Brina PalenciaSayako Kuwahara
Carrie SavageSatori Azuma
Cherami LeighTamaki Kawazoe
Ian SinclairToraji Ishida
Leah ClarkMiyako Miyazaki
Luci ChristianKirino Chiba
Caitlin GlassRin Suzuki
Chris BurnettYuuji Nakata
Christopher R. SabatKenzaburo Ishibashi
Jamie MarchiCarrie Nishikawa
Monica RialReimi Odajima

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When an anime opens up with one of the characters declaring that they're going to...

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