: : : Baki The Grappler: Round 8 - A Brother's War

Baki The Grappler: Round 8 - A Brother's War

===Story=== Baki has fought his way to a new level in the circuit where legendary fighters are gathering and the only rule in the ring is fight or fall. Every warrior thinks they're ready. But with Yujiro's protégé making his debut, the Tigerslayer's return and the arrival of the toughest man in the world, the challenge won't be just to fight...but to stay alive. Throughout the tournament, all fighters have been pushed beyond the threshold of pain. Now, physical strength is no longer enough as combatants are forced to master their emotions when friendships and even the bond of brotherhood are put on the line. Witness it all as the beat downs continue into the tournament's thrilling second round. Friends will become enemies, colleagues will fight with no remorse and all the deception and turmoil will begin with a brother's war. Episodes: 29. User
30. The Tigerslayer Returns
31. Fighting the Past
32. Era's End ===DVD Features=== •Episode 29: Director/Actor Commentary •Episodes Summaries •Textless Songs •Baki The Grappler Stills •Character Profiles


Masami Kikuchi

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