: : : Baki The Grappler: Round 2 - Grappler Vs. Gripper

Baki The Grappler: Round 2 - Grappler Vs. Gripper

===Story=== While studying up on his future competition, Baki soon discovers the true terror that is Kaoru Hanayama, a cold-blooded monster bent on the excruciating end of all who stand before him. Hanayama does not use weapons. He is a weapon! And now, events are set in motion that will bring the full might of the killer's colossal strength bearing down on Baki. However, what Baki doesn't realize is Hanayama means to fight this battle to the death! Finally, the answer to all the build-up culminates in an epic battle between the two gladiators...waged on every public battleground. Can even the best of Grapplers hope to withstand the flesh-ripping grip of an unstoppable titan like Hanayama? Episodes: 5. A Warrior's Heart
6. Spirit
7. Gripper
8. Demon ===DVD Features=== •Baki Trivia •Episode 5: Director/Actor Commentary •Textless Songs •Baki The Grappler Stills •Character Profile


Masami Kikuchi

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