: : : Baki The Grappler: Round 12 - Last Blood

Baki The Grappler: Round 12 - Last Blood

===Story=== The ultimate showdown is at hand. Baki steps into the ring, and the agreement is made that only one fighter will walk away. As devastating blows fill the arena, Baki's opponent begins to twist and gnarl into an unimaginable monster. Suddenly, the terrifying truth surfaces. Baki may not survive the fight. Meanwhile, Yujiro is navigating through the South American jungles and a deadly plan is devised by Strydum to stop him. The cunning foe sends a merciless prisoner with unequalled ferocity to unleash his primal rage upon Yujiro and finish him off for good. Prepare to bear witness to the wrath of two brutal and cataclysmic wars. As both father and son face the possibility of their end, only one question matters... who will draw last blood? 45. Blood Battle
46. Soldier's Misfortune
47. Final Strike
48. Public Enemy Zero ===DVD Features=== •Episodes Summaries •Textless Songs •Baki The Grappler Skills


Masami Kikuchi

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