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Baby Songs - ABC, 123, Colors & Shapes

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===Story=== Don't be concerned that this video doesn't have familiar characters on the cover (no purple dinos, no brightly colored space alien babies). This proven series of colorful musical videos is a winner, and the latest, ''Baby Songs ABC, 123'' is no exception. Designed for toddlers to 2- to 6-year-olds, this video combines color and movement--and, importantly, other children--to help young viewers remember their numbers and the alphabet. Children's music writer Hap Palmer has provided songs that are genuinely catchy and, like the classic "ABC" song, which helped nearly every English-speaking child learn the alphabet, kids are learning as they're singing. Palmer specializes in purposeful but engaging rhyme and alliteration to encourage kids to sing along, sing on their own, and prepare for reading skills. Mostly nonprecocious children highlight each segment, often dressed alike in brightly colored garb. Featured songs include "Alphabet in Motion," "Tap Your Sticks," "Shapes That Surround You," "Colors in Motion," "We Are All Alike," "Bean Bag Alphabet Rag" (which also helps kids identify body parts), "Jig Along Shapes," and "Numbers Can Tell About You." ''--N.F. Mendoza''


Hap Palmer

  • Genre: Family Movies
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  • Producer: Fox
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJan 1, 1999
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