===Story=== If Crocodile Dundee and Indiana Jones got together to make an animated feature-length film about Babar, they might come up with this. The tale of Babar's first days as the boy elephant king are a wild action-adventure ride that recounts Elephantland's victory in a war against the rhinos. Some of the action may be a little too heavy for the little ones at whom the film is aimed--elephants are enslaved and their village is burned--but they are set against the broader landscape of Babar trying to do the right thing. Several musical numbers, including an amusing one that makes fun of red tape, help give the film an upbeat pace. Yes, Babar does save the day, but he does it in such a spectacular, eye-popping way that even the adults watching will sit up and pay attention. ''--Valerie J. Nelson''


Sarah Polley
Gordon Pinsent
Gavin Magrath

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