: : : Azumanga Daioh: Volume 1: Entrance

Azumanga Daioh: Volume 1: Entrance

===Story=== A comedy series that follows a group of girls through the three years of their high school life via a collection of shorts built into full episodes without losing continuity. With a homeroom class like Miss Yukari's (much less, an instructor like Miss Yukari herself) things are never boring. First there is the introduction of the new transfer student, Chiyo Mihama, child prodigy. At age 10 she is not only the smartest student in the class, she is also the cutest, and quickly becomes the class mascot. Then a second student transfers into the class, Ayumu Kasuga. Much to her chagrin she is immediately given the nickname, Osaka, by the ever exuberant, Tomo. With mishaps like; runaway volleyballs, uncontrollable hiccups, perverts at the swimming pool, and Miss Yukari's constant one-sided rivalry with fellow instructor, Miss Kurosawa, can the girls make it to Summer Vacation in one piece? And if they can, will the girls survive Summer Vacation with Miss Yukari driving? Contains Episodes 1-5: Episode 1: Miss Yukari
Episode 2: Osaka's Day
Episode 3: Nyamo
Episode 4: Pool, Pool, Pool
Episode 5: Summer Break Languages: Japanese 2.0, English 5.1, English Subtitles DVD Extras: 12 page booklet with Translator Notes, Japanese Staff Comments, and Chiyo-Chan bio & Art Study. Production Sketches
Clean Opening & Closing Animation
Reversible Cover ===DVD Features=== 12 page booklet with Translator Notes, Japanese Staff Comments, and Chiyo-Chan bio & Art Study. Production Sketches
Clean Opening & Closing Animation
Reversible Cover


Akiko Hiramatsu
Aya Hisakawa
Tiffany Grant
Tomoko Kaneda
Yuki Matsuoka
Chieko Higuchi
Rei Tanaka
Yuu Asakawa
Sakura Nogawa
Koji Ishii
Akane Omae
Hiroyuki Yoshino
Naoki Yanagi
Ryoko Nagata
Naoki Makishima
Houko Kuwashima
Mizuki Saitoh
Jessica Boone
Kira Vincent Davis
Mandy Clark
Nancy Novotny
Christine Auten
Luci Christian
Hilary Haag
Andy McAvin
Chris Patton
Greg Ayres
Monica Rial
John Gremillion
Allison Sumrall
Bubba Callahan
Sami Mikasa

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Machienzo blogged
Apr 1, 09 12:10pm

Ah, April 1st. One of the few days I love besides December 1st (End of School Year), my Birthday or Christmas. So what did I do today on this fateful day? Well, I certainly had a memorable day today. Oh, so many things to mention, where to start? Well, I just want to let you all know that I finally finished watching Azumanga Daioh! It is an awesome show in my opinion! I think Yukari Tanazaki is an awesome teacher, and sometimes I wish I had her as a teacher for my school! Just so you know, Yukari is the one on the left with the glint in her eyes.

So as the title asks, what chaos did I cause today? Well, a lot of things actually. The surprising fact is that I completely forgot about today and had not prepared at all. You see, just in the last two days prior I had serious exams. When I got back to normal classes today, I also heard that one of my best teachers in Accounting and Economics was leaving, for real. Man, what a day to announce such a thing eh?

Right, right, getting back to what I was supposed to say, the trouble I stirred up. Well, I did have Dark Dom promoted back to the MHF2 forum (for real). That was a joke in itself, as we all know just how wrong he is for the job. Hardehar! People didn't really believe such a thing would happen, so I guess in a way they got fooled into thinking they got fooled. I also pretended to close down our forum's general discussion (sadly the life blood of the forum activity), by adding the red text at the top which says that the thread had been closed. One member got so worked up about this that they actually created another thread asking what had happened. I mean seriously, the joke worked too well that they didn't notice that they could actually still reply in it. -_-

I also close a thread, but at the same time Twin_Master posted a "thread closed" message within that thread, so in essence it looked like he closed it. That made heads spin a little, before Dom had to ruin the fun and reopen the thread (evil glare). Obviously, he had no idea what we were up to. I probably should have told him prior.

Hmmm, what else? I also made a few fake links, such as links that weren't links, but just coloured and underlined text. I also made a thread in the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite forum that fooled people into thinking of a very quick release of the game. Since I last saw it, it was reported. People have no sense of humour.

Well, that's all for now. I should probably keep up with blogging entries shouldn't I?

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