: : : At the Earth's Core
===Story=== High adventure and hooty special effects make ''At the Earth's Core'' a colorful camp treat. Doug McClure plays David Innes, the brawn to Dr. Abner Perry's brains. The two have developed the Iron Mole, a vehicle that bores through solid rock. A test run goes too well and before you know it they're neck-deep in scantily clad cave women and telepathic lizard-birds. Peter Cushing has a good time playing against his usual type as the absentminded Professor Perry, while McClure sticks to cigar-chomping macho swagger. Older kids will enjoy the colorful sets and fire-breathing animals, while adults will get a kick out of the hilariously outdated gender politics. ''At the Earth's Core'' is well worth turning off your brain and taking a look. DVD version includes the original trailer and French and Spanish subtitles. ''--Ali Davis'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Doug McClureDavid Innes
Peter CushingDr. Abner Perry
Caroline MunroDia
Cy GrantRa
Godfrey JamesGhak
Sean LynchHoojah
Keith BarronDowsett
Helen GillMaisie
Anthony VernerGadsby

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