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Arthur and the Invisibles


10-year-old Arthur has a lot on his plate: a real estate developer is about to snap up his grandma's home... and there's no way Arthur's going to hang around for his parents or grandparents to sort out the problem. Maybe the solution lies in his grandpa's treasure, which is hidden somewhere on the "other side" in the land of the Minimoys. The creatures that inhabit this world are just a tenth of an inch tall and live in perfect harmony with their environment.


Freddie HighmoreArthur
Mia FarrowGranny
Ron CrawfordArchibald
Adam LeFevreDavido
MadonnaPrincess Selenia
Snoop DoggMax
David BowieMaltazard
David SuchetNarrator
Jimmy FallonBetameche
Emilio EstevezFerryman
Robert De NiroKing
Harvey KeitelMiro
Rob CorddrySeides
Nathan CorddrySeides
Erik Per SullivanMino
Chazz PalminteriThe Travel Agent
Anthony AndersonKoolomassai
Jason BatemanDarkos

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