: : : Arsenic and Old Lace
===Story=== Mortimer Bruster is getting married to the women he loves (Elaine harper) , and all he needs to do is tell his two aunts, Martha and Abby Brewster. The trouble is, Martha and Abby have a knack for murdering old men and burying them in the cellar. They consider it a charity. They then leave it to their nephew Teddy (who thinks he's President Teddy Roosevelt) to take them to the Panama Canal (the cellar) and bury them. Another nephew of the murdering aunts, Jonathan, returns home after fleeing from the police for murdering people and stealing their faces. His German accented, alcoholic sidekick Dr. Einstein crafted Jonathan's face to look like Boris Karloff, which angers him. As a result of all this mayhem, everyone's life is turned upside down. Mortimer tries to remain calm with his wife, while preventing his two crazed aunts from murdering more people.


Cary GrantMortimer Brewster
Priscilla LaneElaine Harper
Raymond MasseyJonathan Brewster
Jack CarsonO'Hara
Edward Everett HortonMr. Witherspoon
Peter LorreDr. Einstein
James GleasonLt. Rooney
Grant MitchellReverend Harper

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