: : : Arjuna: Volume 4 - Understanding

Arjuna: Volume 4 - Understanding

===Story=== Now...Earth's only hope is a miracle! Japan has collapsed! The PDB bacteria unleashed by the research facility has combined with the Raaja and has fallen across all of Japan. All petroleum-based products: plastics, textiles, and computers are being completely destroyed. Japan is instantly thrown back into the dark ages! Meanwhile, half a world away, Juna is still in New York with Teresa. At a meeting with S.E.E.D's directors. It becomes apparent to Juna that they have no intention of helping Japan. An angry Juna lashes out, and Ashura responds. Can Juna, the barely-awakened Avatar of Time who has yet to master her own abilities, save an entire nation and even the world? More importantly, can she save those whom she loves most of all? The final two episodes with extended footage! Includes: 12. The Death of a Nation 13. The Here and Now ===DVD Features=== #Additional Footage #Voice Actor Interviews #Arjuna Dictionary #Appare Adventures #Shoji Kawamori Interview #Maaya Sakamoto "Mameshiba" Karoke


Aya Hisakawa
Tomokazu Seki
Tesshô Genda

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