: : : Arjuna - Vol. 3: Conflicts
===Story=== Juna was a simple high school student who enjoyed archery and cute boys until a horrible accident left her on the verge of death. While on death's doorstep, Juna had visions of the Earth's destruction and the damage being done to it by pollution. Upon awakening from the vision, Juna realized that she had been given the power to prevent the Earth's destruction by an evil villain after being resurrected from a near death. In these episodes, as Juna begins to grasp the extent of her new powers, she finds that she and her family are in severe danger. Entering a crucial moment in her life, Juna must prepare for the newest S.E.E.D. mission, a mission that may decide the fate of the planet. ===DVD Features=== Full-Motion Menus
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Aya Hisakawa
Tomokazu Seki

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