: : : Arcadia Of My Youth
===Story=== From the mind of legendary creator, Matsumoto Leiji (Galaxy Express 999, Queen Emeraldas) comes his greatest story. That of Space Pirate Captain Harlock. The future of Earth is one of slavery to an alien empire. Mankind's spirit seems to be broken or at least subdued as they simply go on with their lives without argument. Such a life is not acceptable to everyone though. A few special men and women refuse to bow under the yoke of oppresion. It starts with Maya's beguiling call as the voice of Free Earth over the airwaves. Young space captain, Harlock and his life long friend, Tochiro heed that call. Flying the skull and crossbones as their flag of freedom they work to free the Earth from the Illimidus Empire's grip even if the Earth seems to be less than thrilled with that idea preferring to instead reside in pain that is known and bearable than the sharper pain of trying to fight back. Language: Japanese with English Subtitles DVD Extras: Original Theatrical Trailers
Promotional Trailers
Image Gallery
Liner Notes ===DVD Features=== Original Theatrical Trailers, Promotional Trailers, Image Gallery, Filmography, Liner Notes


Inoue Makio
Tomiyama Kei
Mutoo Reiko
Tajima Reiko
Ikeda Shuuichi
Ishida Taroo
Moriyama Shuuichiro
Takagi Hitoshi
Aono Takeshi
Masuyama Eiko
Yamamoto Yuriko
Tsuru Hiromi
Shibata Hidekatsu
Ootake Hiroshi
Yada Kooji
Tanaka Hideyuki
Kanie Eiji
Shiozawa Kaneto
Hori Hideyuki
Satoo Seiji
Terada Makoto
Majima Satomi
Sakuma Ai
Nakano Seiko
Okamoto Rinko

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