: : : Animal Instincts
===Story=== Pheromones fly fast and furious when a dissatisfied housewife's (the awesomely pneumatic Shannon Whirry) discovery of her patrolman husband's (Maxwell Caulfield) voyeuristic tendencies lead them into a realm of uninhibited naughtiness (an area director Gregory Hippolyte knows extremely well, having directed a multitude of legendary XXX features under the pseudonym Greg Dark). Say what you will about the amateurish lead performances and gaping plot holes, but this piece of straight-to-video nirvana undeniably delivers the goods exploitation-wise, with some unexpectedly stylish camerawork, a few unexpected twists, and an amazing array of has-been character actors (John Saxon! David Carradine as a flesh-peddler! Jan-Michael Vincent!) in secondary roles. The picture quality on this aptly titled full-frame DVD is a trifle washed-out, but it does include a stellar sound mix, production notes, and an onscreen chapter list for viewers wanting to skip ahead to the, um, major story developments. ''--Andrew Wright''


Maxwell CaulfieldDavid Cole
Jan-Michael VincentFletcher Ross
Shannon WhirryJoanna Cole
Delia SheppardIngrid
Mitchell GaylordRod Tennison
John SaxonOtto Van Horne
David CarradineWilliam Lamberti
Josh CruzeHernandez

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