: : : Angelic Layer: Divine Inspiration

Angelic Layer: Divine Inspiration

===Story=== Misaki Suzuhara, a 12 year old Middle School freshman, leaves her small town to come to Tokyo in hopes of feeling closer to her mother, who left when Misaki was only 6. After arriving in Tokyo she soon gets caught up (with a little push from a rather strange man in a lab coat) in the increasingly popular game known as Angelic Layer, where high-tech dolls, controlled by the thoughts of their operators, compete in fast-paced combat. Will Misaki be able to adjust to life in the big city, make some friends, and learn enough about Angelic Layer to avoid being defeated? Original Story by CLAMP Disc 1 (out of 7) contains epsiodes 1-4 Japanese Language 2.0
English Language 5.1
English Subtitles
Voice actor commentary
Clean opening and closing animation ===DVD Features=== *Japanese Language 2.0 *English Language 5.1 *English Subtitles *Voice actor commentary by Andy McAvin (Icchan) & Jessica Boone (Misaki Suzuhara) *Clean opening and closing animation


Chris Williams
Soichiro Hoshi
Satsuki Yukino
Kikuko Inoue
Tiffany Grant
Masayo Kurata
Tomoko Kaneda
Jessica Boone
Mandy Clark
Luci Christian
Andy McAvin
Chris Patton
Allison Sumrall
Shelly Calene-Black
Kotono Mitsuishi
Tomokazu Seki
Mamiko Noto
Kelly Manison
Atsuko Enomoto

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