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===Story=== "Americano" is set against the backdrop of the country's centuries-old Fiesta de San Fermin, better known as The Running of the Bulls at Pamplona. Chris McKinley (Joshua Jackson), a recent college graduate backpacking through Europe, savors his last three days of freedom before boarding the career fast track back in the States. In Pamplona with his best friend, Ryan (Timm Sharp), and Ryan's girlfriend Michelle (Ruthanna Hopper), Chris meets a quintessential Spanish beauty Adela (Leonor Varela) and an enigmatic provocateur Riccardo (Dennis Hopper), both of whom encourage him to rethink his life. As the minutes and seconds until his departure tick away, Chris struggles with an age-old question - should he follow the beaten path, or risk it all on the road less traveled? ===DVD Features=== *"The Making of Americano" featurette *"The Music of Americano" featurette *Trailers


Joshua JacksonChris McKinley
Leonor VarelaAdela
Timm SharpRyan
Ruthanna HopperMichelle
Dennis HopperRiccardo
Martin KlebbaMatador

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