: : : American Pie Presents Band Camp


Steve Stifler's younger brother, Matt, gets himself into trouble and is sent to band camp. Wanting to continue the trouble-making legacy, Matt secretly spies on the band members in an attempt to create a type of "Girls Gone Wild" video, but he later falls for his friend, Elyse, resulting into even more trouble.

DVD Features

Unrated Version
  • Outtakes
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Band Camp Dirty Diary
  • Poolside with the Playmates
  • Band Camp's Dirty Secrets
  • Rover Cam Uncut!
  • Band Camp Girls: The Music Video
  • Unrated Love Lessons with Ginger Lynne


    Eugene LevyMr. Levenstein
    Tad HilgenbrinkMatt Stifler
    Arielle KebbelElyse
    Jason EarlesErnie
    Crystle LightningChloe
    Jun Hee LeeJimmy
    Matt BarrBrandon Vandecamp
    Chris OwenSherman
    Lauren C. MayhewArianna
    Angela LittleSheree
    Rachel VeltriDani
    Timothy StackMr. Nelson
    Ginger LynnNurse Sanders
    Carla AlapontLeslie
    Lily MariyeDr. Susan Choi
    Matt T. BakerDerek

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