: : : All the King's Men
===Story=== An idealistic southern politician who appeals to the common man whilst effectively playing dirty politics slowly becomes corrupted by the system.


Sean PennWillie Stark
Jude LawJack Burden
Anthony HopkinsJudge Irwin
Kate WinsletAnne Stanton
Mark RuffaloAdam Stanton
Patricia ClarksonSadie Burke
James GandolfiniTiny Duffy
Jackie Earle HaleySugar Boy
Kathy BakerMrs. Burden
Talia BalsamLucy Stark
Travis ChampagneTom Stark
Frederic ForrestWillie's Father
Paul DesmondSlade
Kevin DunnAlex
Thomas McCarthyEditor
Glenn MorshowerCommissioner

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4.9 / 10