: : : All of Me
===Story=== This 1984 Carl Reiner comedy is one of the best film showcases of Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin's sundry talents. Tomlin plays a sickly spinster who is given the chance to transfer her soul to the body of another woman, and thus go on living. But the magic man who is supposed to make this happen goofs up and locks her spirit inside a bachelor lawyer (Martin)--or, more accurately, within the right half of the poor fellow's body. Suddenly, the swinging man-about-town is literally at odds with himself, unable to make a self-determining decision without a huge internal struggle. Martin's physical comedy, always remarkable, is absolutely inspired this time around, as he convincingly portrays a man split down the middle between opposing sensibilities. This is also one of the best films by Reiner, a filmmaker whose novel ideas are sometimes more striking than their execution. ''--Tom Keogh''


Steve MartinRoger Cobb
Lily TomlinEdwina Cutwater
Victoria TennantTerry Hoskins
Madolyn Smith OsbornePeggy Schuyler
Richard LibertiniPrahka Lasa
Dana ElcarBurton Schuyler
Eric ChristmasFred Hoskins
Gailard SartainFulton Norris
Michael EnsignMr. Mifflin

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