: : : Alias - The Complete Fifth Season

Alias - The Complete Fifth Season

===Story=== As season five begins, Vaughn is abducted. Sydney learns that Vaughn is under suspicion of being a double agent and that the crash may have been a cover for his extraction. Vaughn later escapes and explains to Sydney that his real name is André Michaux. He reveals that he is investigating a secret operation known as Prophet Five, which at one point involved his father. During a mission in recovering a Prophet Five book, Sydney receives a phone call from her doctor with some untimely news - she's pregnant. ===DVD Features===
  • Celebrating 100 Episodes
  • The Legend of Rambaldi
  • Heightening the Drama: The Music of Alias
  • The New Recruit: On Set with Rachel Nichols
  • The Bloopers of Alias
  • Deleted Scenes
  • And much more


    Jennifer GarnerSydney Bristow
    Ron RifkinArvin Sloane
    Michael VartanMichael Vaughn
    Carl LumblyMarcus Dixon
    Kevin WeismanMarshall Flinkman
    Rachel NicholsRachel Gibson
    Élodie BouchezRenée Rienne
    Balthazar GettyThomas Grace
    Victor GarberJack Bristow
    Greg GrunbergEric Weiss
    Tyrees AllenGordon Dean
    David Marshall GrantIvan Curtis
    Leon RussomJames Lehman
    Amy AckerKelly Peyton
    Angus MacFadyenJoseph Ehrmann
    David AndersJulian Sark
    Lena OlinIrina Derevko
    Bradley CooperWill Tippin

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