===Story=== The focal neighborhood Ajami within the area of Tel Aviv is a real heavy mix of cultures and outlooks amongst various religious factions such as Jewish, Muslim and Christianity. This potentially mounting conflict sets the scene for several distinct stories. A man acts without thinking and injures a member of a local gang, causing nephew Nasri and his brother to live in fear. Malek, a young refugee, will do anything to get the surgery his mother needs, which for him means working illegally. Binj hopes for a positiv e future with his Jewish girlfriend. Police officer Dando finds himself on a path of revenge when his brother is murdered.


Fouad HabashNasri
Nisrine RihanIlham
Elias SabaShata
Youssef SahwaniAbu-Lias
Abu George ShibliSido
Ibrahim FregeMalek
Scandar CoptiBinj
Shahir KabahaOmar
Ranin KarimHadir
Eran NaimDando

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