: : : Airheads
===Story=== ''Spinal Tap'' it ain't, but Michael Lehmann's good-natured comedy of errors, about a garage band whose unannounced visit to a local radio station escalates into a hostage situation, is pleasant diversion with a fair share of laughs. Brendan Fraser plays the singer-songwriter of the unknown heavy metal band the Lone Rangers, a trio of socially challenged musicians rounded out by dimwitted but sweet bass player Adam Sandler and aging drummer/toy-store employee Steve Buscemi--who just happens to be packing a lifelike toy machine gun from work. Needless to say, the friendly visit is misinterpreted as a hostile takeover, but all the Lone Rangers want is to play their music on the air--and they sabotage themselves again by destroying their own demo tape! Joe Mantegna plays a burned-out deejay who tries to help the muddled metalheads as the media surrounds the building and asks the question on everyone's lips: "How can you be the Lone Rangers if you're always together?" ''--Sean Axmaker'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


Brendan FraserChester 'Chazz' Darvey
Steve BuscemiRex
Adam SandlerPip
Chris FarleyOfficer Wilson
Michael McKeanMilo Jackson
Judd NelsonJimmie Wing
Ernie HudsonSergeant O'Malley
Amy LocaneKayla
Nina SiemaszkoSuzzi
Marshall BellCarl Mace
Reg E. CatheyMarcus
David ArquetteCarter
Michael RichardsDoug Beech
Joe MantegnaIan
Michelle HurstYvonne
Allen CovertCop
Harold RamisChris Moore
LemmySchool Newspaper Rocker
Mike JudgeBeavis/Butt-Head
Rob ZombieHimself

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