: : : Agent Red
===Story=== Stalwart naval captain Matt Hendricks faces imminent peril beneath the waves as he is escorting a deadly metavirus to safety on American shores. Inimitably, a gaggle of hacked-off Russian terrorists take over the submarine on which Hendricks is traveling and threaten to launch the virus on an unsuspecting populace. Together with a perky female scientist, the crusading captain must put a halt to the group's dastardly plan.


Dolph LundgrenCpt. Matt Hendricks
Meilani PaulDr. Linda Christian
Alexander KuznetsovKretz
Natalie RadfordNadia
Randolph MantoothAdmiral Edwards
Neal MatarazzoLt. Matarazzo
Tony BeckerLt. Jack Colson
Steve EastinCaptain Russerl
Allan KolmanZiggy

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