: : : Aerosmith: The Making Of PUMP

Aerosmith: The Making Of PUMP

===Story=== A revealing record of the six month creative process that resulted in PUMP - one of Aerosmith's most dynamic and acclaimed albums. Go behind the scenes and witness the Bad Boys from Boston as they rehearse, argue, jam and laydown the muscle-flexing tracks only Aerosmith can produce. Aerosmith. Rare, raw and unchained. 110 minutes of video that your mother doesn't want you to see. Includes: Unedited conversations between the band and their production team. Exclusive musical jams never before seen of heard. Personal interviews with the band members covering a provocative array of subjects. Uncensored versions of "The Other Side" and What It Takes." Aerosmith. Belted, buckled, booted and ready to PUMP!
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