: : : The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D


A 10-year-old outcast is shunned by classmates and forced to spend summer vacation alone. With his two imaginary friends (Shark Boy and Lava Girl) he goes on a mission to prove dreams can become reality.


David ArquetteMax's Dad
Kristin DavisMax's Mom
Cayden BoydMax
Taylor LautnerSharkboy
Taylor DooleyLavagirl
George LopezMr. Electric / Tobor / Ice Guardian / Mr. Electricidad
Jacob DavichLinus / Minus
Sasha PieterseMarissa / Ice Princess
Rico TorresSharkboy's Dad
Rocket RodriguezLug
Racer RodriguezSharkboy, Age 7
Rebel RodriguezSharkboy, Age 5
Marc MussoClassroom Kid #1
Shane GrahamClassroom Kid #2
Tiger DarrowClassroom Kid #3

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