: : : Acts of Worship
===Story=== Alix is a middle class, educated white girl who falls into homelessness because of her heroin addiction. Her daily life consists of hustling to buy drugs and taking advantage of her few friends out of desperation to feed her habit. When photographer Digna befriends Alix and attempts to put her on the path to recovery, Alix must examine her ethical and emotional core. The two women at first seem quite different, but as their lives intertwine, similarities become clear. ===DVD Features=== *NTSC *Production Interviews: Rosemary Rodriguez - Director *Featurettes: Caught in the Act *Music Videos: MISERY - Cote Cote


Ana ReederAlix
Michael HyattDigna
Nestor RodriguezAnthony
Christopher KadishMark
Michael BuscemiGuy #1

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