: : : A Smile Like Yours
===Story=== This terrible comedy stars Kinnear as an elevator engineer and Lauren Holly as his wife, a perfume designer. The two can't conceive a child due to his problematic sperm, and together they head down a slippery slope of getting help from a fertility clinic. Director Keith Samples handles all the embarrassing medical stuff with utter insensitivity, always going for the cheap laugh and making the clinic's doctor ('60s star France Nuyen) look like a humorless robot. The plot understandably delves into deeper territory when infertility troubles open the door to other, latent relationship problems; but, again, Samples is working with material more goofy than trenchant. The sight of Kinnear's character--while drunk and staring down an empty elevator shaft--cursing his sperm as "lazy f---ing swimmers," is enough to make you scream. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby *Surround Sound *Digital Sound *Full Screen


Greg KinnearDanny Robertson
Lauren HollyJennifer Robertson
Joan CusackNancy Tellen
Jay ThomasSteve Harris
Jill HennessyLindsay Hamilton
Christopher McDonaldRichard Halstrom
Donald MoffatDr. Felber
France NuyenDr. Chin
Marianne MuellerleileNurse Wheeler
Shirley MacLaineMartha

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