: : : A Real Job
===Story=== In the age of slacker comedies and underachiever heroes, here's an American indie that embraces movie trivia and the joy of so-called dead-end jobs without a trace of irony. Thirty-eight-year-old video-store clerk Paul Kolsby is the unlikely Prince Charming for young professional Sharon Repass, a welcome change for the self-involved yuppies she's been enduring. But when she's too embarrassed to introduce this minimum-wage slave to her friends, he upscales himself to the corporate world and becomes miserable in his newfound success. Yes, this shot-on-video production lacks polish, but the two leads are charismatic and likable and the script, for all its ''Clerks''-lite asides, recalls the sweetness and snap of old-fashioned romantic comedy. For all the indistinct sets and underpopulated scenes of this starvation-budget production, this is the rare calling-card film that favors story and character over flash and contrivance. ''--Sean Axmaker''


Paul KolsbyJohn St. Clair
Sharon RepassDenise M. Hunter
Alan NataleVinny
Pramod KumarHenry Hrundy
Pramod MishrekarHenry Hrundi
Mark IrvingsenNathan
Heather HiltermannLaura Bernstein
Henry MaguireLance Randall
Chris CasamassaBill
Cory NojiEd
Tania GunadiTanya, Tammy & Tina
Victor VallejoCustomer
Tom BeyerPorno Filmmaker
James CarsonMail Room Clerk
Keith EverettParty Guest
Cliff GreenoughVideo Store customer

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