: : : A Mighty Wind
===Story=== There's ''A Mighty Wind'' a-blowin', along with the gales of laughter you'll get from Christopher Guest's third exercise in brilliant "mockumentary." After tackling small-town theatricals in ''Waiting for Guffman'' and obsessive dog-show contestants in ''Best in Show'', Guest and his reliable stable of repertory players (including Fred Willard, Parker Posey, and Bob Balaban) apply their improvisational genius to a latter-day reunion of fictional '60s-era folk singers, a comedic goldmine that Guest first explored 30 years earlier on ''The National Lampoon Radio Hour''. Collaborating with costar and cowriter Eugene Levy (who gives the film's funniest performance), Guest is so delicate in his satirical approach that the laughs aren't always obvious, and the subtlety can be as wistful (as in Catherine O'Hara's performance as Levy's auto-harpist partner) as it is hilarious. Some may wish for more blatant comedy, but that would compromise the genuine affection that Guest & Co. have for the music they're spoofing. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Stuart LuceIrving Steinbloom
Mary GrossMa Klapper
Marty BelafskyRamblin' Sandy Pitnik
Ryan RaddatzBill Weyburn
Todd LiebermanFred Knox
Harry ShearerMark Shubb
Michael McKeanJerry Palter
Christopher GuestAlan Barrows
Eugene LevyMitch Cohen
Catherine O'HaraMickey Crabbe
Bob BalabanJonathan Steinbloom
Paul DooleyGeorge Menschell
Jim OrtliebDavid Kantor
Paul BenedictMartin Berg
Floyd Van BuskirkSteve Lang
Jane LynchLaurie Bohner
John Michael HigginsTerry Bohner
Parker PoseySissy Knox
Christopher MoynihanSean Halloran
Jim PiddockLeonard Crabbe
Don LakeElliott Steinbloom
Deborah TheakerNaomi Steinbloom
Fred WillardMike LaFontaine
Ed Begley Jr.Lars Olfen
Michael HitchcockLawrence E. Turpin
Larry MillerWally Fenton
Jennifer CoolidgeAmber Cole
Michael MantellDeputy Mayor
Bill CobbsBlues Musician
Freda Foh ShenMelinda Barrows

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