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===Story=== Buffed-up action star Vin Diesel plays a reckless DEA agent in ''A Man Apart'', which aspires to merge big-budget action fare with a grittier, ''The French Connection''-style procedural drama. When his wife is murdered by a mysterious drug lord called Diablo, Sean Vetter (Diesel) loses his moral bearings and risks the lives of his fellow agents in a quest for revenge. ''A Man Apart'' tries to give Diesel the opportunity to demonstrate a greater emotional range, but it's a mess; the supposedly tender scenes are generic and flat, while the action scenes are utterly incomprehensible. Much of the time it's unclear who's a cop and who's a thug, so when people get shot--and a lot of people get shot--it just becomes a bland wash of blood and bullets. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Vin DieselSean Vetter
Larenz TateDemetrius Hicks
Timothy OlyphantHollywood Jack
Geno SilvaMemo Lucero
Jacqueline ObradorsStacy Vetter
Steve EastinTy Frost
Juan FernándezMateo Santos
Jeff KoberPomona Joe
Marco RodríguezHondo
Mike MoroffGustavo Leon
Emilio RiveraGarza
George SharpersonBig Sexy
Ken DavitianRamon Cadena

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