: : : A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Vol. 1

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar Vol. 1

===Story=== Do you know about Season Fairies? They are tiny fairies that make rainfall, snowfall, wind, clouds... Can you believe that? Saga Bergman is an orphaned girl who lost her mother in an accident. Saga loves playing the piano, and she has her mother as her role model. That's not the only special thing about Saga though: She can see season fairies! Saga first meets the Snow Fairy, Sugar as a chance of destiny when rain starts to fall down one random day. Poor Sugar was hungry, and saga couldn't believe her eyes. She feeds Sugar a waffle, and takes her home. Ever since then, Saga and Sugar have been quite the dynamic duo, and they have lived many adventures together! Sugar and her friends, fairies Salt and Pepper, are actually fairies in training, and they are on Earth to complete their training in order to become full-fledged fairies. In order to become full-fledged fairies, they have to look for "Twinkles". Will Saga successfully help the fairies to become Full-Fledged Fairies? ===DVD Features===


Tomoko KawakamiSugar (Japanese)
Rebecca ForstadtSugar (English)
Jeong Mi BaeSugar (Korean)
Kaori MizuhashiPepper (Japanese)
Cody LaraPepper (English)
Yeong Ji LeePepper (Korean)
Tomo SaekiSalt (Japanese)
Brianne SiddallSalt (English)
Myeong Sheon LeeSalt (Korean)
Masumi AsanoSaga Bergman (Japanese)
Michelle RuffSaga Bergman (English)
Seon Hui MunSaga Bergman (Japanese)
Asami SanadaPhil (Japanese)
Steve StaleyPhil (English)
In Seong OPhil (Korean)
Yumiko KobayashiBasil (Japanese)
Ezra WeiszBasil (English)
Myeong Jun JeongBasil (Korean)
Chinami NishimuraGreta (Japanese)
Stephanie ShehGreta (English)
Jeong Hwa YangGreta (Korean)
Kotono MitsuishiGinger (Japanese)
Mari DevonGinger(English)
Myeong Seon LeeGinger (Korean)
Kenji NojimaTurmeric (Japanese)
Ezra WeiszTurmeric (English)
Jun FukushimaTurmeric (English)
Myeong Jun JeongTurmeric (Korean)
Fumihiko TachikiChrono (Japanese)
Steve KramerChrono (English)
Akiko NakagawaNorma (Japanese)
Stevie BlochNorma (English)
Ming Jeong YeoNorma (Korean)
Sawa IshigeAnne (Japanese)
Mari DevonAnne (English)
Seon Hye KimAnne (Korean)
Kiyonobu SuzukiRukino (Japanese)
Steve KramerRukino (English)
Akiko HiramatsuHanna (Japanese)
Jessica Gee GeorceHanna (English)
Chea Eun HanHanna (Korean)
Mitsuo IwataVincent (Japanese)
Tony OliverVincent (English)
Jang KimVincent (Korean)
Hideyuki UmezuHenry (Japanese)
Steve KramerHenry (English)
Chean Eun HanRegina (Korean)
Yasunori MatsumotoPaul (Japanese)
Steve StanleyPaul (English)
Akiko HiramatsuCinnamon (Japanese)
Kari WahlgrenCinnamon (English)
Seon Hye KimCinnamon (Korean)
Yuuko SasamotoJan (English)
Stephen ApostolinaJan (English)
Seok Jeong YangJan (Korean)
Fumihiko TachikiJoe the Crow (Japanese)
Stephen ApostolinaJoe the Crow (English)
Hiroshi NakaGreta's Father (Japanese)
Stephen ApostolinaGreta's Father (English)
Seok Jeong YangGreta's Father (Korean)
Taeko KawataKanon (Japanese)
Sandy FoxKanon (English)

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