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Marlon Wayans, the comic genius creator of Scary Movie and White Chicks, delivers another hilarious spoof, this time taking aim at the found footage horror phenomenon.

When overactive man-child Malcolm takes the plunge and lets girlfriend Keisha move into his house, he quickly senses they’re no longer alone. Videotaping a series of paranormal events, Malcolm is shocked to discover the love of his life carries more than your average relationship baggage: she’s demonically possessed by an evil spirit. Malcolm enlists the help of priest/ex-convict Father Williams to exorcise the demon from his girlfriend before it ruins his relationship...AND his sex life.

Marlon Wayans and Cedric the Entertainer deliver riotous performances in a raunchy supernatural comedy that pokes no holds barred fun at our deepest fears. A Haunted House is demonically good fun.

DVD Features


Marlon WayansMalcolm
Marlene ForteRosa
Essence AtkinsKisha
David KoechnerDan the Security Man
Dave SheridanBob
Nick SwardsonChip the Psychic
Alanna UbachJenny
Andrew DalySteve
Cedric the EntertainerFather Williams
Affion CrockettRay-Ray
J.B. SmooveKisha's Dad
Robin ThedeKisha's Mom
Jordenn ThompsonLittle Kisha
Damien BrayEntity
Joel Kelley DautenEgon
Bobbie LeeThug
Liana MendozaCarmita
Jamie NoelJuanita

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