: : : A Different Loyalty
===Story=== Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean were British diplomats who disappeared in 1951 and surfaced in Moscow in 1956. There was speculation that Harold "Kim" Philby, head of the Soviet section of the British Secret Intelligence Service, was the "third man" who alerted them before they could be arrested for espionage. "A Different Loyalty," through the eyes of Philby's wife (Stone), depicts the events surrounding Philby's own defection. Formerly the wife of his best friend, Philby seduced and then married Eleanor. Then one night her life is shattered when Kim fails to turn up to a drinks party in Beirut and has seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. Later when he makes contact from Moscow, and still desperately in love with him, she defies threats from the US government and risks all to go and visit him. He may now be a KGB general, but, to Eleanor, he has become a diminished man. "A Different Loyalty" is a gripping, powerful drama, part thriller, part love story, part impossible moral dilemma.


Sharon StoneSally Tyler Cauffield
Rupert EverettLeo Cauffield
Julian WadhamAndrew Darcy
Michael CochraneDick Madsen
Anne LambtonCynthia Cauffield
Jim PiddockGeorge Quennell
Richard McMillanAngus Petherbridge
Mimi KuzykLeslie Quennell
Emily VanCampJen Tyler
Tamara HopeLucy Cauffield
Mark RendallOliver Cauffield
Edward HibbertSir Michael Strickland
Joss AcklandRandolph Cauffield
Carl MarotteCIA Agent Ken Riedler
Richard ZemanCIA Agent Art Yallop

  • Genre: Drama Movies
  • Director: Marek Kanievska
  • Producer:
  • Length: 96 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaQ4 2004
  • Ratings
    North AmericaR
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaMay 10, 2005
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