===Story=== Closely adapted from the acclaimed novella by Harlan Ellison, this postapocalyptic black comedy has emerged as a cult favorite since its release in 1975, when Don Johnson was a relative unknown and still years away from TV stardom on ''Miami Vice.'' Here Johnson plays a young, libidinous loner named Vic who roams the postnuclear wasteland with his loyal dog, Blood, a remarkable hound with keen intelligence and the ability to telepathically communicate with his less-intelligent master. It's survival of the fittest, so food and sex are Vic's highest priorities, and he gets plenty of both when recruited into a mysterious underground society in desperate need of young fertile males. While Blood must fend for himself on the unfriendly surface, Vic realizes that he's an exploited prisoner and must escape to return to the canine friend he left behind. Thanks in large part to the sly wit of Blood (whose sarcastic voice is splendidly provided by Tim McIntire), this clever and disturbing film readily earns its lasting reputation as a low-budget classic, and features a funny yet chilling supporting role for Jason Robards Jr. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Keep Case *Widescreen - 2.35 *Audio Commentary *Original and Reissue Theatrical Trailers


Don JohnsonVic
Susanne BentonQuilla June Holmes
Jason RobardsLou Craddock
Tim McIntireBlood
Alvy MooreDoctor Moore
Helene WinstonMez Smith
Charles McGrawPreacher
Hal BaylorMichael
Ron FeinbergFellini
Michael RupertGery
Don CarterKen
Michael HershmanRichard

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