: : : 7 Seconds
===Story=== Tamzin Outhwaite and Wesley Snipes star in this independent action film from director Simon Fellows. When novice thief John Tuliver steals a highly valuable Van Gogh painting by mistake, it is his partner Kelly Anders who takes the heat. As gangsters in search of the artwork kidnap Kelly, John becomes her only hope for survival. ===DVD Features=== *Scene Selections *Trailers *Stealth *Kung Fu Hustle *Layer Cake *The Marksman


Wesley SnipesJack Tuliver
Tamzin OuthwaiteSgt. Kelly Anders
Deobia OpareiSpanky
Georgina RylanceSuzi
Pete Lee-WilsonAlexsie Kutchinov
Serge SoricMikhail
Corey JohnsonTool
Tamer HassanRahood

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