: : : 3 Ninjas - High Noon on Mega Mountain

3 Ninjas - High Noon on Mega Mountain

===Story=== An evil gang takes over an amusement park only to be foiled by three Ninja-trained brothers and a TV action star in this smartly paced (if by-the- numbers) kiddie action flick. Medusa (Loni Anderson) and Lothar (Jim Varney) head up the gang with ransom money and mayhem on their minds. But they don't count on the young Caucasian trio, taught by their inexplicably Asian grandfather, and Dave Dragon (Hulk Hogan), making a live appearance at the park. What follows is campy humor, lots of Karate-esque action and plenty of ''Home Alone''-type boy vs. foolish bad guy high jinks. And girls aren't left out: the brothers' neighbor, a brainy techno girl, is on hand to hack into the computer to override the gang's murderous plans, while also providing 007-style gadgets for hand-to-hand combat. While there is plenty of gunplay in the 90- minute film, no one is killed or even significantly hurt, making it appropriate for ages 5 and older. ''--Kimberly Heinrichs'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Hulk HoganDave Dragon
Loni AndersonMedusa
Jim VarneyLothar Zogg
Mathew BotuchisRocky
Michael O'Laskey IIColt
James Paul Roeske IITumTum
Victor WongGrandpa Mori
Alan McRaeSam

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