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OK, I seriously didn't think from a critic's point of view, that this movie was good at all. However, since I am sort of a "ricer" myself, and I love cars in general, I really enjoyed this movie. The entire movie is loaded with pop culture, so many adults will be left out of the loop. Being a teen, I can honestly say that this movie will appeal to all males 21 and under. What's better than a highway race scene where a Mustang Cobra gets owned by a semi? Or a drag race between riced Mitsu's and muscle cars?

Paul Walker is too much of a poser IMO, but I give him credit for playing the role wel...


2 Fast 2 Furious.

The good:

fast cars, nice women, and a great story line.

The bad:

You have to be joking theres nothing wrong with this film.


If you like street racing and fast cars then this is the film for you. It has a great storyline and if I were you I would go out and buy this film now ive watched it about 5 times over its great, not only is there fast cars but there are great women. I think this beats the 1st film by miles.

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Just 2 xtreme