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28 Days Later review
28 Days Later...

The good:

-Solid storyline with an interesting plot
-Good all-around acting by everyone
-Nice, eerie shots of baren London

The bad:

-Pure one-timer, the second time I watched this, I almost fell asleep
-The ending was too predictable, but still alright


This is one of my favorite zombie flicks, and there have been a lot these past few years. What made this one different than the rest is the actual plot. Instead of having weird beginnings like Dawn of the Dead or Resident Evil, this movie makes a lot more sense to me. I like how its set in London, and when the guy first leaves the hospital, it was really tight how they made London seem empty and desolate. As the movie progressed, it never lost my interest, and the few, but spooky scenes with the zombies were well presented. However, when the trio made it to the army base, the story started to fall apart. I could understand what was going on, but I just didn't think it fitted in with the story. The ending was also a little disappointing, I expected there to be a surprise. But overall, this film is worth a DVD rental, and if you really like zombie flicks, then this is a good one to keep.

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