21 Jump Street User ReviewsMovie


21 Jump Street DVD Review

The good:

Solid Cast
Unique style of comedy
DVD features worth the time

The bad:

Drags on a bit with a static feel and predictable formula
Quickly decides its direction and whether or not you'll like it


Back in high school there were the popular kids, and the unpopular kids. The stereotypical popular kid was too cool to care about grades as he was busy focused on having a good time, while the unpopular kids were used to acing tests because they didn't spend their time socializing. Each group had their own problems, but the line between the two was very clear. After high school, however, the line blurs a bit when members of both groups are trying to make it in the world. Meet Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum). A nerd and a socialite that reunite seven years out of high school ...