: : : 102 Dalmatians
===Story=== Don't be fooled by the title. Rather than 102, there are 4 reasons to like this sequel to the successful live-action remake of Disney's animated classic. There are the 101 spotted pooches, Glenn Close back in fine form as Cruella De Vil, Oddball--the spotless dalmation pup--and Waddlesworth, a parrot who thinks he's a rottweiler (and is voiced by ''Monty Python'''s Eric Idle). There are just as many reasons to be disappointed. Like most sequels, the story line is virtually a rewrite of the first, the secondary casting isn't as interesting, the dialogue merely serves to move the plot along, and the third act substitutes mean-spiritedness for comedy. After a period of rehabilitation, Cruella has returned to her old tricks. Once again, she simply must have a spotted coat and will go to any lengths to get ahold of the 102 dalmatians needed to make one with a hood. She sets her sights on the pups owned by her probation officer, Chloe (Alice Evans), and the owner of a local animal shelter, Kevin (Ioan Gruffudd of ''Horatio Hornblower''). Her servant, Alonso (Tim McInnerny), and flamboyant furrier Monsieur Le Pelt (Gerard Depardieu, in one ridiculous outfit after another) are drafted to aid in her quest. It should come as no surprise that Chloe and Kevin fall in love, Oddball helps to save the day, and Cruella is defeated. Children should enjoy the animal high jinks, but adults are less likely to be enamored by this perfectly competent, but relatively charmless affair. ''--Kathleen C. Fennessy'' ===DVD Features=== *Deleted scene: "Cruella's Release" *Three behind-the-scenes featurettes: "Creating Cruella," "Animal Actors," and "Designing Dalmations" *Audio commentary with director Kevin Lima plus animal coordinator and trainers *"Puppy Action Overload" featuring puppy auditions, outtakes, and other scenes from the film -- music-video style *"Dalmations 101":How to pick a dog that fits your personality, narrated by Waddlesworth *Interactive features: "Visual Effects 102" and "Cruella's Costume Creator" [DVD-ROM] *Theatrical trailer *DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Sound *Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound *THX-certified / Full-screen [1.33:1] *French and Spanish tracks -- 5.1 Surround *Spanish subtitles


Glenn CloseCruelle de Vil
Gerard DepardieuJean-Pierre Le Pelt
Ioan GruffuddKevin Sheperd
Alice EvansChloe Simon
Tim McInnernyAlonzo
Eric IdleWaddlesworth
Ben CromptonEwan
Carol MacReadyAgnes
Ian RichardsonMr. Torte
Jim CarterDetective Armstrong
Ron CookMr. Button

  • Genre: Family Movies
  • Theme(s): Family, Children's
  • Director: Kevin Lima
  • Producer: Walt Disney Pictures
  • Length: 100 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaNov 22, 2000
    EuropeDec 8, 2000
    JapanMar 10, 2001
    AustraliaDec 26, 2000
  • Ratings
    North AmericaG
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaApr 3, 2001
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