Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Pro Reviews

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Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Reviews

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A True Review  --- Nov 28 '04
InsaneTek  --- Feb 16 '05
Neoseeker  --- Dec 24 '04 9/10 Dec 09 '04
Tech Report  --- Dec 30 '04
Tech-Mods 8/10 Jan 15 '05
Xtreme Resources 9.5/10 Jul 17 '05
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Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Roundups and Shootouts

title website score publish date
Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Review GamePC -- Sep 21 '05
Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Review -- Apr 24 '05
Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Review MadShrimps -- May 15 '05
Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Review PC INpact -- Mar 07 '05

Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Previews

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Quoted from Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu Reviews:
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"...the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu is a great choice for those looking to quietly cool their CPU and everything around it, not for superb performance."
"The CNPS7700 is perfect for those looking to tackle the best of both worlds: quiet enough to be near-silent, yet powerful enough to cool well."
"Zalman once again comes out with a quality product that is both easy on the ears and versatile but the CNPS7700-AlCu is not quite a slam dunk as it cannot quite handle the heat output of some of Intel's hotter processors in silent mode. In quiet mode it performs acceptably with the Prescott 3.6 but we would recommend taking a look at the CNPS7700-Cu for some of the hotter processors as it was still fairly warm."
"I was very impressed with the performance of this cooler. This CPU used tends to run hot but even at high load with the fan running in silent mode the temp did not get above 46 degrees. I'd like to see how much better the all copper version performs."
"...the Zalman CNPS7700-AlCu provides excellent processor cooling with impressively low noise levels, all without the wallet-busting price normally associated with exotic silent cooling. If you crave quiet, and if your motherboard's compatible, it's hard to go wrong with the CNPS7700-AlCu."

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