Xitel MD-Port AN1 Pro Reviews

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Xitel MD-Port AN1 Reviews

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3D Audio Immersion  --- May 31 '00
3D Game Force 9.5/10 Aug 11 '00
Gaming in 3D 89% Aug 22 '01
Neoseeker 81% Jul 17 '00
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Xitel MD-Port AN1 Roundups and Shootouts

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Xitel MD-Port AN1 Review Dan's Data -- Aug 22 '01

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Quoted from Xitel MD-Port AN1 Reviews:
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"With the same setup as before, I tried recording an audio CD to the R37 MD unit. I was pleased to hear just the music, and nothing else. I compared the recording of the analog MD Port to a digital SPDIF of my JVC bookshelf system, and I couldn't tell the difference between the two. It sounded excellent."
"Not only does the AN1 make the MP3-MD quality incredible, it also simplifies the entire process to 20 seconds worth of work. For those of you who want to be able to take hours of your MP3 collection with you for under $250, a Xitel MD-Port AN1 and Minidisc Recorder is the best setup you are going to find. Minidisc offers the convenience of an MP3 Player with the price of CD-R media."
"For testing purposes I used the included Music Match Juke Box Plus as my player. And Mini Disc Analogue Track Marking was enabled so that I would have a gap between each track (this also keeps the recorder from thinking that 2 separate tracks are 1 track). I also used the Sharp MD-MT15 MD portable recorder."
"If you are an audiophile with a sensitivity to the signal degradation of your internal sound card, the AN1 may be what you are looking for. As with all audio devices, the final say in audio quality rests in each users’ hands, and I can only say that I preferred the AN1 recordings, while others indicated otherwise."