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About the Product

The Volcano7 heatsink/Fan is a cooler that is auto control by the sensor that can sense the computer temperature to control the fan spin. At normal operation, the fan run at 2900RPM. When the CPU get heat, the cooler will spd up to compensate. The fan will spin at somewhere 2900-5500 while produce only very little noise (27-39dba). The Power input is 2.162 -2.64w, and its life time is 50,000 hours


Thermaltake Volcano7 Reviews Rating: 88 out of 100 based on 7 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
BurnOut Pc 4/5 Jan 20 '02
Geekshelter 9/10 Aug 02 '02
M:6 9.0/10 Jan 03 '02
MonkeyReview 4.5/5 Jul 01 '02
OC Prices  --- Jan 22 '02
Overclocked Cafe 95% Dec 13 '01
Overclockers Club 8.5/10 Nov 05 '01
PC Abusers 8.5/10 Dec 19 '01  --- Nov 16 '01
Tweak Town 9/10 Dec 02 '01
VN Roundup 87% Dec 13 '01
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Geekshelter on Aug 02 '02

"...the Volcano 7 is a great heatsink for anyone. Not as good as the Volcano 7+ but still great."

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M:6 on Jan 04 '02

"Once again ThermalTake impressed me with another great product. If you want a cool looking, quiet and good cooling abilities, this cooler is for you. But if you're hardcore overclockers who needs..."

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MonkeyReview on Jul 02 '02

"If you’re on a fixed budget then go for this guy, $20. to bring your CPU down 10degrees is not a bad handoff, but if you can afford it go for the newer 7+."

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Overclockers Club on Nov 07 '01

"Thermaltake has a very unique heatsink here, and I wouldn't mind recommending it to the average user or moderate overclocker. However, I don't think it would reach my expectations as an extreme..."

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PC Abusers on Dec 21 '01

"If it'll fit your motherboard then the Volcano 7 will cool you well. It isn't the best that's available but it's certainly no slouch at all."

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