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Thermaltake Spedo Reviews

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Neoseeker  --- Apr 08 '09
Bjorn3D 9/10 Feb 04 '09
DriverHeaven  --- Feb 02 '09
Red & Blackness Mods  --- Jan 23 '09
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"The Thermaltake Spedo chassis, was well thought out and well designed. This chassis will also provide more then enough air flow to keep your computer components cool throughout the year. From tear down to assembly I didn't have any problems working with this chassis, it was easy quick and downright fun to work on this chassis. By adding an extra PCI expansion port on the chassis it will give some users who use a multi GPU configuration, that also happen to have a PCI-E video card slot at the bottom of their board, the ability to use a dual slot cooler on that video card and still provide some form of air flow."
"It certainly isn’t a case that feels like it will stand up to frequent tinkering or rebuilds and definitely isn’t something we would feel secure hauling around to LAN parties and such. Despite the negatives presented though, the case certainly has a lot of potential as the basic design offers marvellous cooling ability and hopefully future iterations can build upon the noise and quality issues presented here."
"Overall, the Thermaltake Spedo is a great case with nice features. It will house and keep fresh the largest components on the market with ease. I recommend it to every people shopping for a full-tower. For the ones who like to customize their goods, the "normal" package is nice since it allows the user to use any fans in any way he likes."
"The Thermaltake Spedo Computer case is an innovative product that brings a bunch of new features never seen before in a case. I feel like I only scratched the surface of what this case offers; it is seriously jammed packed with unique goodies that all work well. The exterior is nicely decorated and looks futuristic. And the thermal performance and quiet operations of the case are top-notch, with an impressive number of fans. Overall, the Thermaltake Spedo Computer Case earns a solid recommendation as a great full-sized case that is well ahead of its time."