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Thermaltake PurePower Power Station Reviews

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A1 Electronics  --- Sep 19 '05
Big Bruin 4.5/5 Nov 21 '05
Bjorn3D 8.5/10 Nov 09 '05
DriverHeaven  --- Dec 04 '05
Guru3D  --- Dec 05 '05  --- Feb 22 '06
OverclockersOnline  --- Dec 06 '05  --- Dec 12 '05
TweakPC  --- Oct 12 '05
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Quoted from Thermaltake PurePower Power Station Reviews:
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"This 520w Thermaltake Power Station really needs to be on your list. We have been using it for some time now and it does exactly what it says it will do. And we are very pleased with the fan and low noise from it which has helped a great deal to reduce the overall noise in the computer case it is fitted to. And not to forget the handy way we and you can reduce the power lead mess inside a computer case with the use of the power distribution box."
"This is a great power supply! I have no major issues with it, and have trouble finding a negative that is not due to personal preference. It does its job well enough that once it is up and running you won't even notice it's there. It adds no noise to a case (I was not able to distinguish it even after unplugging all additional fans other than those that are required like video and CPU), and provides your components with stable power."
"...this Thermaltake 520W model is stable even when overclocking the CPU to 2.5GHz from standard 1.8GHz and accordingly adjusting voltages. The only potential problem I noted is the whole PowerStation device "thing" I have nothing against flexibility and benefits coming from innovative components such as this one, but in the long run it plays too much of a decisive factor with this product."
"I found the Thermaltake PurePower Power Station 520W PSU modular power supply to be a great product in nearly every aspect, from product design and marketing to stability under load, and noise levels which were quite tolerable in every day usage. As much as I tried to bring the Power Station 520W modular supply to it's knees, I failed."
"It's silent, so extremely moddable and then there is the power line distribution which by itself I think is just a fantastic idea to begin with. I can't understand that nobody thought of this earlier. Very clever stuff indeed. With this kit you'll receive more than enough cables, a very good PSU, the "bling" factor, and of course a lot of value for money."