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About the Product

The MaxOrb EX is a CPU cooler for Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket 754/939/AM2/AM2+ CPUs, featuring a 126 x 91 x 152 mm aluminum/copper heatsink with 6 heatpipes, and supports 1 120 mm fan (1300-2000 RPM, 86.5 CFM, 16-24 dbA).


Thermaltake MaxOrb EX Reviews Rating: 80 out of 100 based on 3 ratings.

Meta Reviews

website score publish date
Bjorn3D 7/10 Dec 07 '08
Frosty Tech 85% Oct 28 '08
Legion Hardware  --- Jul 20 '08
Modders-Inc 8/10 Jan 05 '09
Overclock Intelligence Agency  --- Nov 06 '08
Techware Labs  --- Feb 06 '09
ThinkComputers 9/10 Nov 28 '08
Tweak Town 90% May 31 '08
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Thermaltake MaxOrb EX Roundups and Shootouts

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Thermaltake MaxOrb EX Review iXBT Hardware -- Aug 29 '08

Bjorn3D on Dec 08 '08

"What Thermaltake has done is define that fine line between the average Joe, and the guy that wants perhaps a 10-15% overclock on his CPU, whether if it's for a few more FPS, or to get a bit more..."

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Frosty Tech on Oct 28 '08

"Priced around $65 bucks, the Thermaltake MaxOrb EX heatsink is a pretty average performer, with slightly elevated noise levels. Given its short stature, you will see good temperature results for..."

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Legion Hardware on Jul 22 '08

"Overall we have found the MaxOrb EX to be an exceptional product that offers loads of features along with impressive performance. The MaxOrb EX has proven to be an ideal product for case modders,..."

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Modders-Inc on Jan 06 '09

"At the higher RPMs the cooler is audible, but isn't as bad as some of the current GPU coolers on the market. Overall I feel the Thermaltake MaxOrb EX did a great job."

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Overclock Intelligence Agency on May 30 '14

"The six heatpipes travel up out of the base and around the circumference of the fins, with the outermost pipe routed through the copper section and the inside two pipes traversing the inner..."

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